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1. It kills fleas fast (Within 4 Hours of treatment and continued efficacy for 35days!) This reduces the chance of fleas laying eggs
2. Kills paralysis tick fast and provides continued protection for 35 days. (Paralysis tick is deadly. It also treats and controls brown dog tick which can harbour serious disease for you dogs)
3. It contains Moxidectin (The same active as used at the vets in their 12 month heartworm prevention it’s also a well know active in Livestock products)
4. It protects against deadly Heartworm (100% protection against heartworm when given monthly)
5. Protection against intestinal worms (Proven to kill Adult and immature round and hookworm)
6. The pack range is from X-Small to X-Large (Can be given to dogs as small as 1.25kg through to 60kg size. Can be given to puppies from 8 Weeks old based on weight)
7. Is well tolerated (Has been tested on avermectin sensitive dogs and also with other commonly used treatments)
8. Is very price competitive with others in the market (Check with your Buying group on price)
9. Has many of the same features as Simparica (Contains the same active Sarolaner which is in Simparica but, Simparica Trio also contains Moxidectin and Pyrantel as a Trio of actives)
10. Can be safely given in dogs with an unknown heartworm history (Has been tested on heartworm positive dogs but please beware it prevents heartworm by treating the larvae and stopping the cycle, it is not a treatment for an existing adult heartworm infection. Adult heartworm treatment is a Veterinary issue.)
11. Use of Simparica Trio in heartworm positive dogs will assist in preventing Spread of heartworm larvae from your dog to the other dogs in your neighbourhood. Be a good neighbour and keep your local canines healthy

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